I offer one-on-one Co-Active® Life Coaching, tailored to each individual client’s needs and preferences. Many of my clients initially come to me because of dissatisfaction in their professional lives. Other areas of their lives in which they’d like to improve their circumstances frequently arise organically during the coaching process.

My work with clients is about holding your visions of yourself, of your life, of your dreams and reminding you that YOU get to choose what to move toward or move away from.

I’m here to empower you to go toward your goals and dreams in every moment possible.

I don’t solve anything for you – you already have the answers. I give you the space to figure it out, to be vulnerable, to say things out loud that you aren’t comfortable saying anywhere else. I am unwavering in keeping your stated goal in mind when you don’t or can’t. I safeguard intentions by keeping focus on where you want to go and empowering you to make the decisions that will get you there.

Typical Coaching packages are 6 months in duration, with 2 one hour sessions per month.

We have a check-in at 3 months to determine if we both feel the relationship is working. In these Coaching relationships, we are choosing each other. I work with a limited number of clients by choice to ensure each of my clients receive substantial attention and focus from me.

For prospective clients, I offer an introductory 30 -minute Discovery session.

In these sessions, I listen to understand what’s motivated you to reach out to me, provide an overview of what Co-Active® Coaching entails, then engage in 15 – 20 minutes of Coaching. We close the Discovery session by debriefing and discussing next steps. It’s important to determine if you and I are a good fit before embarking on a coaching relationship.

I am also an Equus Coach, trained to facilitate journeys of self-awareness and personal development through coaching that incorporates the undeniable power of horses to touch something deep within us.

If you’re interested in adding coaching with horses to your package, let’s talk!

Additionally, I’m available for public speaking engagements, professional retreats and workshops, and customized coaching programs.