Q. What is Co-Active® Coaching?

A. Co-Active® Coaching is a tested framework for a coaching relationship in which Coach and client work in partnership to nurture the client’s self-awareness, conviction, and courage in order to guide them toward fulfillment, improve their connections to others, and empower them to attain their goals.

Q. What is Equus Coaching®?

A. Equus Coaching® is an immersive and dynamic personal development experience that pairs effective life coaching techniques with encounters with horses. Equus Coaches guide clients through a process of self-discovery, enhanced through a deepened connection with the natural world.

Q. Do Coaching sessions always occur in person?

A. Coaching sessions can take place over the phone, in person, or via video conferencing. I do find in-person nature-based coaching to be uniquely beneficial, but when and how I meet with clients can be flexible to best meet their needs. Equus Coaching® by its nature needs to occur in-person and locally, preferably within a 2-hour radius of my home.