Breathe In –

fullsizeoutput_53fWhen I chose Breathe In Enchantment as my intention for 2019, it seemed ridiculous.  I was feeling anything but Enchanted. I was exhausted and burned out and having a terrible time working on my annual goals and intentions.   Nothing was moving, it was like slogging through cement and I couldn’t get this word Enchantment out of my head.

When I told anybody that Enchantment was my intention for the year, I could tell nobody else was really feeling it. “What about magic or wonder or maybe mystery”, anything but Enchantment it seemed would have been a “better” choice.

Finally, a question from another Coach; “Well, if that’s your intention what are you going to do with Enchantment?” “Breathe Enchantment”, I answered and then the question, “Breathe it in or Breathe it out?”

Breathe In Enchantment for me means both, Breathing surrounded by Enchantment and then pausing to Breathe in smaller bits of Enchantment that I can carry with me.

So, when I get lost in the slogginess of life, I pause and hold the thought Breathe In Enchantment, look around and there it is.  The snow covered road becomes a glittering tree lined archway into a magical kingdom, I look up and my cluttered yard with all its winter gear disappears and I see a full moon framed by tree branches, like something out of a fairy tale, and in a hotel room that looks like all the other hotel rooms, my eye lands on a framed picture of a green woodland with sunlight dancing on a magical space filled with the energy of the sprites that just left or are about to appear.

And I Breathe In.